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    Should I un-install the trial first???

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      Been using the trial, decided to go for the full version. $ouch$ Asked guy at adobe if I should un-install the trial and use the cd to install cs4. He says no just put in the key.

      What do you guys think???

      I do have my work area just like I like it, with some work I could get it back. The guy may have been in sales and not the technical end.
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          Well, from recent experience, I can answer this one now. YES, un-install the sucker.

          When the cd came I did what the adobe guy said and just entered the cd key. Ended up with lots of problems. Called adobe, after 40 minutes on the phone I get transferred to a bank. The guy at the bank was very upset. Said he has been getting these calls for months now. WTF? So I start over, listening to phone music on speaker phone for about ½ hour, get adobe again and I tell her if I get the bank again the next call I make will be for returns. I bet that one would be a nightmare. I get to tech support and the guy tells me to un-install the trial before I install the full version cd... lol. I knew that was coming, so why did I spend all that time on the phone? Well I never dealt with adobe before, just wanted to see what kind of support I would get, before my 30 day return runs out.

          Btw, after un-installing trial and installing from cd, everything works fine now.
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            For going from a trial to a full version, some Adobe programs also benefit from running Adobe's Cleanscript, prior to installing the full version. PS is one. Do not know about Premiere, but you might want to check the Adobe Knowledgebase on that one.

            For the other Adobe programs, the drill is Add/Remvove Programs, run Adobe Cleanscript, then install the full version. Read up on this, as it pertains to Premiere, as you may/may not need that extra, intermediate step.

            Good luck,


            [Edit] Oops, I see that it was Mike getting back with his answer, not somone else replying.

            Mike, did the tech support dude suggest Cleanscript? Maybe Premiere does not need that step.

            Anyway, glad you got it running.
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              Im mid west US and his accent was so strong I could hardly make out what he was saying. So im not sure, however by that time, I was so frustrated I just wanted to get off the phone. Everyone I talked to had strong accents, except the guy at the bank, lol. When he answered the phone I thought, alright, finely someone I can understand. To bad he didnt know anything about cs4, lol