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    How do I export in best suitable format?


      I have a Canon HV30 HDV cam (bought it in Europe and live in Europe) and I have now just bought Adobe Premiere Pro Cs4.

      I have read the FAQs on this site and internet but since I am not so advanced on this stuff I cannot understand all the answers with million numbers and abbreviations...

      I therefore wonder if someone can help me with simple answers to two very basic questions.

      1. When I export a movie I get a long list of possible formats to chose from. Which is the best choice given my cam equipment (I have HDTVs etc to view on later as well).

      2. When I start a new project I can select HDV 24p, 25p, or 30p projects. I guess I should go for 25p. Is that correct?

      I would be so extremely greatful for any help I could get on this.

      Thank you all and Kind Regards, Jacob
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          1. Depends on the output medium, BR or DVD and the player to be used. What do you intend?

          2. Depends on what format you used while shooting. If you shoot progressive, use 25P, if you shoot interlaced, use 25i (or 50i as some refer to it). BTW, I'm not sure the HV30 can shoot progressive. Anyway, it may be best to try interlaced, since the camera likely uses an interlaced wrapper to record to tape.
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            Hi and Thanks!

            On topic 1: I will export to PC harddrive sometimes, to Mini DV Tape sometimes and somtimes even DVD (720 as well as 1080). So I guess there could be a few different alternatives. When should I chose what?

            On topic 2: I have not got a clue. I use whatever is standard in the camera. Given the answer above does it mean it should not be 24 or 30 in any event?

            Thanks a lot again, Jacob
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              1. I'm not sure the HV30 does allow HDV to be exported back to tape. Try it and you will know. For DVD you need to export to MPEG2-DVD, preferably elementary streams. You can only use 720x576 resolution however.

              2. Standard would likely be interlaced, so use an interlaced 25i/50i project and do not deinterlace on export.

              I suggest you watch some online tutorials and read the manuals of the camera and PR very attentively. Also read a number of posts on various fora to get a feeling for things you need to pay attention to. There is a lot of knowledge to be gained by just reading here. Also look at the FAQ section and the Wiki links given at the top of the page. It will help you understand these topics and get a grasp for the terminology used. That will help you to pose much more accurate questions when you need help.