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    I can't export any video from Adobe Premiere cs4

      I can't export any video from Adobe Premiere cs4. Please help.
      (I have the adobe master collection cs4). I have a windows vista 64-bit computer.

      I still have Adobe master collection cs3 installed and never uninstalled it. I was using premiere cs3 before to export video and didn't have a problem.

      When I go to export video from Premiere cs4 it looks like it is exporting the video but it goes very fast and no resulting exported file appears. I have tried many different formats and many different things. I even keep the adobe media encoder open while I do this. I just need to export to avi, or h.264 and make it small for the web.

      Now I have cs4 files that I can't export to video. It won't let me convert them to cs3 files unless there is some hidden trick that I don't know.

      Can you tell me how to get cs4 to function or how to convert my cs4 files to cs3?

      Thank you!!!