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    No mpeg2 export option, h.264 content won't play in WM or VLC

      I'm running a trial version of Premiere Pro CS4 (4.0.1 (052 (MC: 160820))) in Windows XP SP3.

      When I try to export video I am missing the mpeg2 format options. File -> Export -> Media. I would take a screenshot to show what I'm seeing, but when I hit Ctrl (part of the Ctrl-Alt-PrintScreen) it closes the menu showing my available options.

      Is there something special I have to do to get mpeg2 support? I thought that would have been included.

      Also, if I encode to h.264 Windows Media Player and VLC won't play the resulting .mp4 videos. I can create h.264-encoded AVI files on my laptop with avidemux and they play back fine, so I know I have h.264 support, at least in VLC.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.