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    Premier CS4 ceashes when opening sequence

      I have installed Premiere Pro CS4 yesterday on my PC Win XP (German version). Thereafter I have downloaded and isntsalled the available patch from the Adobe site. Now I can't get the program to work properly. Same appareance by the way before and after installing patch. It looks like the problem is connected to the initial opening of a sequence. Two scenarios:
      1. Opening an old projekt established with Premiere 1.5. All clips and the only available sequence are shown in the resource window. The timeline is empty. I can view clips and sequence in the resource and clip monitor. The entry 'Insert' in the Sequence Menue is greyed. As soon as I double click the sequence to open it the program terminates.
      2. Opening a new project. After entering the project name etc windows are opened, a new sequence is opened in the timeline. Two seconds later the program terminates, without any operation from my side.
      Any help would be appreciated.