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    Sony PDW-F350 or PDW-U1

      Ok so I have just received my copy of CS4 Production Premium.

      Why can I not import from XDCam HD???

      If I use firewire via the Camera PDW-F350 no files show up.

      If I use a PDW-U1 I get the error message "file video dimensions (width/height) too large"

      Strange too, when I try to import an a file I have created in SD (720x576) same result "file video dimensions (width/height) too large"

      And yes I have selected XDCam HD from the project settings.

      Finally after trying this usually the software hangs when exiting.

      Hope there is an answer for this
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          Ok I am getting closer to solving this.

          The issue is that OS X is showing what is actually on the XDCam Disc as against showing the normal FAM structure.

          Normally the FAM driver over firewire will handle displaying the folders, including the "Clips" folder.

          I hear there is a vFAM driver (Virtual FAM) but I cant find it.

          Does anyone know where it is?

          Also on a side note, I am very disappointed in Prem Pro on a Mac, never seen so many crashes and hangs!