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    PP Program Monitor displays with a color cast

      Hi all,

      Having trouble with the display in the Program monitor. I'm working with still images at the moment. All the images have a strong blue cast when previewing. They look fine when exported, or if you click on the image to reposition, the color seems to correct, but as soon as I play the sequence the color cast comes back. Also, getting the same cast with .AVI video.

      I am only having this issue on my laptop, all works fine on my desktop PC. Both machines are PC's running vista. I've also tried clearing my preferences and reinstalling PP. No luck.

      I'm working in NTSC DV now, but have tried creating projects in HDV and others, and still have the problem.

      Also, I've tried resizing the images, changing color spaces, etc, nothings worked. The images now are jpegs.

      On another side note, opening the reference monitor causes PP to have an unexpected error and crash. Every time. Although this is not really the issue I am worried about at the moment, it might be relevant?

      I've posted a sample of what the preview looks like here: www.jessicamans.com/PremierProCS4Issue/index.html

      Thanks in advance for your help!