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    Multiple monitors - project monitor pixelated

      Hi all,

      have recently bought a new computer and cs4.

      I am using Premiere with multiple monitors [spec below] and am using the right hand one as my preview/project monitor.

      However the image appears pixelated - even though i have chosen to play back at highest quality, its not as sharp as id like.

      I'm working in PAL and have set [I think] all the settings to be as such.

      Im wondering if there is a setting ive missed or if its the graphics card??

      my computer spec [ive just copied and paste this from my order to the computer guy] is:

      2 Dell S2309W 23" Widescreen TFT
      Intel Q8200 Quad Core CPU & Fan
      Lian Li PC60A Plus Case
      Samsung 1Tb Spinpoint HDD SATA
      OCZ 1066 DDR2 Memory 2x 2Gb Kit
      MS XP Home
      Asus P5 Motherboard (Only PCI-e no AGP)
      ATI Radeon HD 4650 512Mb
      1394 Firewire

      Any help is appreciated