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    editing hd footage from canon d5

      Hi all.

      Wonder if anyone out there has managed to edit anything shot with the new canon d5 mark 2?

      I had hoped to use it as a backup for my hd video camera in an emergency but i am starting to wonder just how easy it is. I havnt had time to try any sample stuff yet and wonder if someone could save me some agro and cut to the chase a bit.

      I would appreciate any info,

      regards Simon
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are several threads on the Canon D5 MKII in both the Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements forums. I'd search them both. Do not recall the solutions, but there are a lot of replies in each forum.

          Good luck,

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            Averdahl Level 3
            Simon, i tried it today and i used Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and queued up all files from the D5 MkII and converted the files to I-Frame MPEG2 and it worked as a charm. Then i set up a new Custom Sequence in Deskop mode that matched my MPEG2's.

            I could not see any degradation in quality when i compared the I-Frame MPEG2's to the original files and most important, i could edit the material with no problems. :)