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    Cross Dissolve Transition Not Working

      I have inserted the "Cross Dissolve" Transition many times on my timeline.
      I have always been able to playback the timeline and see the effect work in real-time.
      However, now when I insert it on the middle of the vertical line from the Razer tool (where I made 1 clip into two clips) so it applies to the tail of the first clip and the head of the second clip and preview it... it does not show me it working in real-time.
      I can use other transitions on that exact spot on the timeline and they work.
      If I move the cross dissolve to other areas, it still doesn't work.
      The icon in the left Effects panel for Cross Dissolve also has a red border around the icon and none of the other transitions have this around their icon.
      Could someone assist me with resolving this?