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    Some video transitions not appearing in final movie


      I have been editing some AVCHD footage with Premiere Pro CS4 and I added some titles to the movie. I used the video transition under "GPU transitions" called "Page Curl" as fade-in for the text - I thought it looked pretty cool using that effect, I then used a regular "cross dissolve" to fade-out. It showed up as it should in Premiere Pro and also in the Encore preview which I used to build the image (which I then burned to a DVD).

      Then some strange stuff is happening. The first title fades in with the effect exactly as I want it to, but the following titles just pops on directly to the screen - completely skipping the transition I added.

      This seems really odd to me. Can anyone help me find out what's wrong here? It really puzzles me why only one title is working even though I used the exact same transitions.

      I also used some transitions between the movie clips themselves, and this seems to work (I used cross dissolve, iris round and clock wipe).

      I hope someone can help me :)