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    Gaussian Blur Jitters Two Overlaid PSD Files When Rendered

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3
      If any of you can duplicate this, Adobe may need to fix Gaussian Blur.
      (16x9 NTSC Standard definition project)

      Place a PhotoShop image of a busy background on Video Layer 1 in Premiere CS4. Next, Place another PSD image of something such as a 400 pixel wide star with a transparent background on Video Layer 2. Make sure the two images contrast in color. Add a gradual Gaussian blur up from 0, ending with 40 to the background image on Layer 1. To the image on Layer 2, just add a slow motion move.

      See if the background image has the jitters after rendering. It doesn't shake until the work area is rendered on our systems, but once the timeline is rendered, the background shakes badly (as much as 3 pixels in several directions), and the exported video is unusable.