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    DVCProHD Conversion from CS3 to CS4

      Help - what is happening?

      So in CS3 I imported a thousand DVCProHD (P2 .mfx) clips into a project and then spent considerable time screening and logging the clips - often just changing the file names to indicate what it was. The usual 90% of all jobs. Now when I cut these clips into the appropriate timeline, they went in and a played perfectly (quality set to high)and there was no red or yellow line indicating the need for rendering.

      Then I upgraded to CS4. Now all those clips in their timeline have a yellow bar across the top and will really only play smoothly if quality is set to draft. Then I got some new footage of the same type and imported it and what do my wondering eyes behold? No yellow bar when cut onto a timeline. So for fun I re-imported a clip or two of the old stuff and it too was yellowless.

      Now I am guessing that CS4 is using a different codec then CS3 did - at least for DVCPrpHD (in fact I think they switched from the Panasonic codec to the Mainconcepts codec but I can't find the literature to support that.) But I can't figure out how to get the old footage to stop thinking it's being decoded my the old codec - or what ever it is actually doing. And I don't have the time to reload all the old footage and then re-log it all.

      ALSO - I think the yellowed footage is causing PPro to crash as many as 10 times a day (my comments on the crash reports are getting a bit salty.)

      So anyone got a clue to help me solve this annoying problem? I tried erasing the MCDB files to no avail (though I suspect a few projects will very slow load times next time I open them.)