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    Export to realmedia

      In CS3 (and prior versions) there was an option to encode to realmedia. I can't find that choice in media encoder in Premiere CS4. Other places to look or solutions? I have searched (the web, adobe.com, and forums) to no avail.
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          joshtownsend Level 2
          Realmedia? That program is evil and not many people use it all. (Except maybe the poor people that actually bought it)

          That player used put some kind of spyware on people's computer, right? Has something changed? Best thing to do is render out to another format then let realplayer do the encoding.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I don't think it was actually spyware, but not too far from it. It invoked pop-ups at an unbelievable rate, and had a way to get past most of the pop-up blockers of the day.

            As for using it, I'm with you - not on your life. There are several players out there, that handle the .RM (and .RAM, IIRC) files, but I have not seen one of these in years. Think VLC *might* be able to play them.

            To George,

            You might not have much luck. Why do you need to convert to .RM? Is there not a better format that you can use, in lieu of that one?

            If it has to be .RM, I believe that the full-paid version of RealMedia Player could convert some file formats to .RM. Been so long, my memory might be horribly foggy. However, I feel that .RM has been dead for many years.

            Good luck,