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    Has anyone used canon AVCHD camcorders with cs4?

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      Im considering getting a Canon HF10 camcorder, and want to know if anyones run into any problems editing with this, or any canon AVCHD camcorders. I hope it works well, because my only other options are ulead and pinnacle (and of course avid, sigh) and those options are pretty bleak.
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          Orytek Level 1
          Actually Pinnacle 12 works pretty good with HF10. They got on the avchd bandwagon long ago. I'm on a Mac but often boot into Windows just to use Pinnacle because Premiere CS4 is giving me problems.

          Premiere will work but sometimes it just crashes when working with avchd. And the timeline takes a while to render. It seems to me that Adobe is still an update or two away from providing good avchd support.
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            skeeze Level 1
            I have the HF11 and love it...however editing is painful ( and I have a quad core Q9650 w 8GB). I also have a Canon HDV HV30 and like it also, they each have their pro's can con's, but for the ability to just pick it up and go it is hard to beat. Until Adobe can support the higher bit rates (i.e. above 17MB/sec) I am converting mine into cineform lossless codec(Please note they don't have a fully functional CS4 version yet, but it is supposed to be out soon).