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    PPro CS4 4..0.1 crashes on start-up when adding Sequence

      I've installed/uninstalled PPro CS4 five times now, and every time it starts, it appears with a blank timeline "Timeline (no sequences)". I double-click on Sequence 01 in the Project window to get the sequence into the timeline window, and it always crashes.

      I installed Win XP 32 on a new disk, updated it to SP3, and installed CS4 programs: Acrobat, Encore, Illustrator, AME, and PPro. All other programs work fine.

      I've gone thru Adobe's "troubleshooting" page (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb405950&sliceId=1)
      to no avail. I went thru everything the web page said: I turned off the Startup items, installed a new video driver, disabled any codecs I could find, made sure there were no temp files hanging around, upped the virtual page file size, etc. All to no avail.

      My machine specs are:
      2.4GHz Intel quadcore, OC'd to 3.5Ghz
      4 GB RAM
      Asus Maximus motherboard
      eVGA GeForce 8800GTS video card
      Seagate 1TB drive, 700Gb drive, and 2 500GB SATA drives

      As Harm Millaard has requested, one can access the DXDIAG.txt report here:

      Here is the MSINFO32 report:

      Here are some screen snaps of PPro and Process Explorer (note - press F11 to get to full screen to be able to see the snaps):

      Finally, here is the crash report from PPro:

      Any help would be most appreciated.

      Howard Michels