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    LFE channel

      How do you send a mono audio track to only the LFE (.1) channel of a 5.1 project?

      Richard Knight
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          You can't, unless you limit your audio track to 180 Hz or lower frequencies. Who would want to do that and why?
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            Curt Wrigley Level 4
            Create a seq that has 5.1 master track
            In the audio mixer, send the output of the mono track you want to the 51. channels you desire and dial the LFE volume dial as desired.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Audition will allow one to "construct" full 5.1 in Multi-track mode. Taking Harm's advice, you can restrict, filter and then EQ your source to go to the LFE channel. If you have never done this, be prepared to do some reading, and a lot of listening on a 5.1 system. When Exporting you go to View>Surround Encoder and Export as six discreet WAV files, placed on the "stage" as you wish. Import all six into PP and use the Audio Mixer to tweek, as is required. You will need the SurCode DD 5.1 SS Encoder plug-in to Export as AC3 5.1. Do not know if/how Soundbooth might handle this. You can do similar in the freeware Audacity, but I don't use it often, since Audition does all of my "heavy-lifting."

              Good luck,


              [Edit] Or do what Curt posted, while I was typing... [Grin]
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                rmkmail Level 1
                I record a lot of Organ videos and the sound mixer gives me a 5.1 audio track form his Soundfield/Sadie setup. This comes to me as 6 mono files. The LFE track only has to go to the .1 track and no others. At the moment I am adding the LFE track twice once sent to the centre and LFE and one out of phase only sent to the centre. This is a bit long winded. I used to use Audition but I found it could not produce a Polywav file of the 70mins of material required, a 2gig limit of the wav format I think. Trying to export from Audition in other formats seemed to scramble the tracks.

                Richard Knight
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                  fuaho Level 1
                  @Richard M Knight:

                  May I enquire as to what you use instead of Audition?

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                    rmkmail Level 1
                    I'm using Premiere CS4 (when its working)

                    Richard Knight