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    CS4 Encoder problem

      I have a series of different (seperate) movie clips within one Premiere file. I'm trying to export a clip that is only 2 seconds in length. I choose File > export > media. I adjust my export settings and select OK. Which then opens up the media encoder. My export file/settings are loaded and I select Start Queue. The progress bar at the bottom of the encoder says Loading "file name.prproj". It attempts to load for about 4 minutes then fails and I get a error saying..

      : Encoding Failed
      Could not read from the source. Please check if it has moved or been deleted.

      NO files have been moved. I was using CS3 last week and just upgraded to CS4 this week. I opened up my old files, saved them as CS4 files..and now can't export videos.

      Any help appreciated,