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    Shelving CS4 till it gets sorted...

    shooternz Level 6
      Too many flaky issues for CS4 to be viable for me in a pro environment often with time constraints (tight deadlines) so I am shelving it completely.

      Shot two tvcs yesterday and thought I would try and edit them in CS4 today...

      Gave up a after two hours because of flaky "playback issues". eg I can scrub a timeline and it is fine but playing it back (spacebar) is weird. Causes visual and audio problems and playing out to an external monitor is another whole nightmare(video fine, audio is out of synch depending whethrer I am scrubbing or playing back).

      I seriously believe that there is two playback modes in CS4 and that is causing me problems that I can not resolve.

      Rebuilt the project in CS3 and editing it, is as sweet and smooth as always.

      Go figure how same hardware can work perfectly in an early version and not in the latest and greatest update of a piece of software.
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          Andy Urtu Level 1
          I am just a hobbiest, but I shoot a lot of HDV for friends, church, my son's school etc. I can get CS4 to work, but I just want it to be less fragile and quirky. I will try it again when 4.02 comes out.

          I also use Cineform NEO HD and they still need some time to get their stuff working 100% with CS4.
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            Jon-M-Spear Level 4
            I returned my version of CS4 to Adobe and signed a software destruction form. I'm now awaiting confirmation that my refund has gone through.

            CS4 really was a terrible retrograde step. I can understand hiccups in the world of software, but Adobe is an experienced developer and shouldn't have been prone to such a myriad of sloppy decisions.

            I was soooo looking forward to using it because it seemed to add the keyboard short cuts I yearn for (not customizable)and finally provide a sensible file management system. But creating frame grabs through the painfully slow, quirky media exporter (to name but one bad decision) - pur-lease!

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              joshtownsend Level 2
              Can't really argue with that. I've started using Premiere CS4 as a media browser for my P2 cards more than actually editing with it.

              Can't return mine. I love the rest of the CS4 pack though (64bit Photoshop with a timeline and 3D object painting along with the Awesomely STABLE After Effects)

              Sorry to see ya leave Craig. I understand though.
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                fuaho Level 1
                Does anyone else find it bizarre that everything else in the Production Premium CS4 package is stable and greatly enhances productivity - until you try to use Premiere?

                By the time I'm done with a Pr project, I have like 50 incremental versions because I save so often for fear of the next crash.

                After effects - Never crashed.
                Photoshop 64-bit - never crashed.
                etc, etc, etc.... - never crashed.

                There are not even decent error handling routines in PrPro. 95% of the crashes, it just disappears. The other 5% it states it has encountered an error and, when you click on OK, it disappears.

                This is just Bad Coding!!! :(
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                  creig bryan-mUOxt4 Level 1

                  If you save the project file outside of PP, using Windows Explorer, to a different drive/folder/filename, and just increment that filename, as opposed to Save As..., from within PP. Something go wrong, just rename and copy an iteration back. I use a batch/desktop icon to do this. My project folder (and the scratch disk) remain "single-minded."

                  Keep Smiling
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                    joshtownsend Level 2

                    Why not use the new 'save as a copy' feature. Isn't that what it's for?

                    not smiling more of a smirk ;)
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                      shooternz Level 6
                      Hey Josh...I'm not really leaving. I am still going to be wasting part of my day lurking around the forum.

                      CS4 PPro just overwhelmed me with the host of little issues and forced workflows. Too many to list and resolve

                      I would add... that I never had CS4 PPro crash so I consider it was "stable" and in some measure that told me I had no inadequacies in my setup or hardware. CS3 handles whatever I throw at it easily smoothly and totally stable so its not the footage (usually P2 720pn). No probs with avi or qt either.

                      Now I find I am using the other CS4 components with the exception of CS4 PPRo. but its a bit of a workaround.

                      Stand-alone Media Encoder is helpful (except for QT) on occassion.

                      Help: I need to resolve the CS3 "failed to initialise AME" error that occured after installing CS4. (Its on this forum somewhere if someone has a lead to it please)
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                        Eddie Lotter Level 4

                        Do you mean this?


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                          I agree with Craig Howard's first comment. I'm shelving CS4 also until they can fix all of the major problems that causes hours to fix. I work on time constraint projects and when I first used CS4 PPro, I feel in love with it. But, after the numerous crashes and now it won't open at all, I'm shelving it until Adobe can get their act together.

                          I love all Adobe products (esp. when it comes to Final Cut Pro), but I think it's sad and disappointing when each time I go to use a CS4 program, esp. PPro, I can't fully get through a project. I even purchased a brand new computer just so I can run CS4 at its highest potential.

                          Please Adobe, fix these problems and fix them urgently.

                          I'm getting ready to put back on the CS3 Suite. I'm sure to have no problems with that.
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                            don solomon Level 1
                            Ironically, here is how to keep your hair, cut down on your Tums consumption, save lost time,effort, and money AND use PPro CS4 without serious problems.

                            Get in tune with the pattern of PPro release history.

                            Stay with CS3 for now because it is finally stable. Wait until CS5 is released, poor QC, QA, bug ridden and broken as usual. Then put on CS4 , by which time it will have been all fixed up just a few weeks prior to the introduction of CS5 and will run just fine. Same for CS5--just wait for CS6. You get the picture.

                            This system works if, and only if, you DO NOT get sucked in by CS5's siren call of half implemented new features and great marketing hype. Screw up your courage! Do not get caught up in the vicious cycle once again!--that stuff is strictly for PPro noobies (and experienced but weak minded Adobe loyalists)! :)
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                              joshtownsend Level 2
                              Good advice Don. Adobe got CS3 fixed 5 months before CS4 came out. Hell in a year CS5 will come out and there still fixing "known problems" right now. They've seem to gotten into this pattern. All the good programmer are working on After Effects, Flash and Photoshop. At Adobe being demoted means your transferred to work on Premiere. And I hear they have no windows there.....
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                                Jim_Simon Level 8
                                You mean their all working on Macs?! No wonder there's so many bugs.
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                                  don solomon Level 1

                                  :) :) :) working where they have no windows is indeed a demotion!
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                                    Bob Ramage Level 1
                                    Josh, do you have inside info that working on Premiere is considered a demotion? Or are you just making an assumption.
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                                      joshtownsend Level 2
                                      I making a joke.
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                                        don solomon Level 1

                                        I guess from your raving about how flawless CS4 is on your Mac, any promotions for programming excellence on the PPro team must be from the Windows group up to the Mac group.:)
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                                          Bob Ramage Level 1
                                          And the best of the Mac group moves up to the new "Harm 2100" super hush-hush Linux project.
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                                            Level 1
                                            Nice speech Don, you've convinced me to place back on the CS4.

                                            But you have to understand, in a world where you're trying to run a production company with timed projects, you have to stick with what works and what works right. Believe me I love the new CS4 programs but the hassle of making sure it works, I'm beginning to think it isn't worth it. I would hate to have a client yell at me or look at me stupid when I have to tell them, I'm STILL working on your project. The last thing I need is to lose a customer, esp in tough times like this.