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    Video doesn't keep up with scrubber

      I've just moved from PPro 1.5 to PPro CS4. I installed CS4 on a new Gateway Laptop with 4Gigs RAM and P8400 Intel CPU on Vista 64-bit.

      As I move the scrubber across the timeline or in the Project Source window, the video isn't able to keep up with the scrubber. As I move the scrubber the video tends to freeze for a few seconds and then will suddenly jump forward to the point of my scrubber. It does this consistently.

      I'm currently editing sports videos to isolate highlights of one specific athlete. I'd like to pull the scrubber across fairly quickly as I look for the athlete, but it's almost impossible. I'm basically having to let the video run in realtime and stopping it when I need to. Since I have hours and hours of video to go through this is not good.

      I wasn't having this problem on my old HP Media Station with Pentium D with 512 Megs RAM. I would encounter this to some degree but not nearly as severe as what I'm experiencing now. I moved my 5 external hard drives from my old PC to my new Laptop. They are connected via a USB 2.0 hub. They were connected to my old PC via USB 1.x ports or a 1.x hub.

      As a test, I did play a couple of the captured AVI clips outside of PPro CS4 in Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. They tend to be choppy there, too. I ran the Vista disk defrag utility on one of my external drives last night - it took about 9 hours - but it doesn't seem to have helped.

      Does anyone that understands this better than me have any suggestions on how I can fix or minimize this problem?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          The 5 external USB drives are all fighting for attention, like a 5 lane highway going back to a single lane. That has to give serious traffic jams. That is what is happening on your system.
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            djblev Level 1
            Thanks, Harm.

            I unplugged my hub and plugged one drive directly into my PC USB port and tried that. No difference - the video doesn't keep up with my scrubber.

            I plugged the hub into my old PC and opened PPro 1.5. Everything works fine on my old system with PPro 1.5 - the video keeps up with the scrubber.

            So, the problem seems to be between my new system running Vista Home Premium with Adobe CS4 and my old system running Windows XP (SP2) with PPro 1.5.

            Old System - HP m7170n Media Station(pentium D - 2.89 GHz - with 512 Meg RAM)
            New System - Gateway laptop (Intel duo core P8400 - 2.26 GHz - with 4 G Ram)
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              In Vista make sure the sidebar is turned off, as well as Aero. Defrag your external drive. See if this makes any difference. Does the laptop have a videocard with it's own memory or is it shared memory? If the latter, maybe that is what causes it.
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                Your issue is similar to mine. I posted it differently however. I noticed that timeline scrubbing behaves the same as yours when audio scrubbing is enabled.

                As a test turn off the audio scrubbing feature under the audio tab in preferences. If you experiencing the same problem as mine then the timeline will respond very quickly displaying everyframe. As long as you dont need to hear the audio when scrubbing that would solve your present dilemma.

                I also found that there seems to be a bottleneck using an external media drive. I copied a file that was performing slow to my internal SATA system drive, put it on the timeline and it scrubs perfectly even with audio scrubbing enabled.

                This same external drive performed fine on a slower PC with Premiere Pro 2.0. I am about to add an internal 1 terabyte SATA drive as my media drive. If I am correct this will resolve my problem.

                By the way, I am using a 7200 RPM external drive with a firewire connection. If you are using a USB 2 cable your bottleneck would probably be greater. I'll leave an update if the new internal drive does the trick.
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                  Level 1
                  I just added the internal 1 Terabyte Drive and loaded on a few clips. That seemed to do the trick. All plays well. The video keeps up with the timeline no matter how fast I scrub even with Audio scrubbing enabled.

                  I cant explain why the external drive worked fine with PPro 2.0 on a slower system and not with CS4 on a more powerful computer. Maybe someone else will know. I hope this helps you with your issue.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                    The speed of the computer has almost nothing to do with it. It is the speed of the USB bus and the number of devices attached to that bus.
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                      Jim_Simon Level 9
                      It could also be the way Premiere handles things under the hood is different.
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                        djblev Level 1

                        Oh My Gosh! After reading your note I plugged my USB hub with the 5 external drives attached into my new laptop and loaded CS4. Once my project loaded, I confirmed that the video still doesn't keep up with the scrubber as before. Then, I toggled the speaker icon on the audio track. It is night and day! Now the video flows perfectly and has no trouble following my scrubber. Toggling the speaker icon back on, it's back to the problem with video not keeping up with the scrubber.

                        While I don't understand why, this is certainly a solution I can work with for now.

                        Thank you very much!
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          The trouble you had comes from congestion. Audio and video and a lot of other housekeeping tasks just overwhelmed the bus. Glad you solved it however. Happy editing.
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                            djblev Level 1
                            Thanks, Harm.

                            I switched the hub back and forth between the old PC with PPro 1.5 and the new PC with CS4. The old PC works great while the new PC has the problem. Those results seem like they would eliminate the hub as the problem.

                            John Faris suggested turning off the audio, which I did, and the results were startling. Both systems with the same hub worked great and the video had no trouble keeping up with the scrubber.

                            I'm kind of scratching my head over why this behaves this way, but I think this provides a work-around and allows me to get my editing done.

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7
                              From all messages around here we can easily conclude that CS4 has really gotten bloated. It requires far more CPU power and resources than previous versions. Nero was well known for it's bloated software, but Adobe is not far behind.

                              Dan, you would be much better of with adding an internal SATA disk or, if you use a laptop, to get an Express Card to eSATA connector for an eSATA external disk.
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                                djblev Level 1
                                Thanks, Harm.

                                I will look into that option. Thanks for your time and help!

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                                  Level 1
                                  Dan, glad toggling the audio provided a workaround for you. If you turn off audio scrubbing under the audio preferences you will hear your audio when playing from the timeline, just not while you are scrubbing. The end result is the same, it just saves you from constantly toggling the audio on and off.

                                  As Harm pointed out, the actual fix will be to install an internal SATA or external eSATA drive for your video files. I have been editing happily after adding an internal drive to my system.

                                  I still think there is more to this than just thru-put but if something works, it's sometimes best to leave it alone. Good Luck!

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                                    John Faris - Thanks for the advice. Turning off the audio scrubbing also solved my performance problem.
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                                      adamhaviland Level 1
                                      Actually, John, it looks like I spoke to soon. Your advice did clear up the majority of my scrubbing issues. When I first open the clip in the SOURCE monitor, everything scrubs just fine. However, once I set the in point for the clip, the scrubbing is no longer smooth. It constantly stutters. Again, this is happening in CS4.

                                      When I open CS3 with the same clips, the scrubbing issue does not exist. Any ideas?
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                                        I also started having this trouble with CS4. It will just hang and then quickly catch up. Sometimes causing a crash altogether
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                                          djblev Level 1
                                          Hi, Todd,

                                          As you see from the posts above, turning off the speaker on the audio track is a work-around for the problem. That has solved my problem - I just have to remember to turn the sound back on before I export my project.