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    Premiere showing section of movie as black screen

    nicolanicola Level 1
      Hi. I'm using CS4 on MAC OS X 10.5.6. In my video when it gets to a certain frame where it changes clips, the output (program) window just shows a black screen. The timeline however shows the frames and when I double click to open the clip in source video it shows fine.

      I can't see any effects on this clip apart from dip to black which I have taken out and it still shows this clip as entirely black. It plays fine for the rest of the movie which has clips which were used from the same file as the clip that isn't working.

      I would appreciate any ideas as to what to do. I have only been using Premiere for a few days so am unsure whether something has been added to this section without me being able to see it or something.

      Many thanks.