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    Help with Color Correction..

      Hi everyone.. I want to learn more about color correction, especially the way that Premiere Pro CS4 deals with it. I have had the chance to go through Lynda.com's Premiere Pro CS3 "Beyond The Basics" tutorials and found the section on advanced color correction pretty decent, but by no means very thorough.. I guess that overall I really just want to understand the whole process of color correction much better.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on other tutorials and/or reading material that would touch on this? Materials that target Premiere Pro especially welcome.

      Thanks in advance!

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          joshtownsend Level 2
          CS4 has nothing new as far as color correction. Everything is the same as CS3.

          Maybe you should look into After Effects. Premiere only has the most basic color correction tools. Your pretty limited and that might explain the lack of tutorials.

          Check out some tutorials about AE and photoshop color correction. They are use the same principals just AE and photoshop have more extensive tools. Learn about curves and levels, what they do exactly and that'll go a long way into understanding the theory behind color correction.

          If your intent on staying in Premiere then try out the Red Giant plug-in's Colorista and Magic Bullet Looks. Also Synthetic Apertures CC program comes with After Effects but can be bought as a Premiere plug-in.

          Hope that helps.
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            Hey there..

            Thanks for the tip. I'll check out some of theo Photoshop and After Effects tutorials.