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    print clip/sequence markers? index or transcribe in Pr?

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      I'm looking for an efficient way to create an index of my videos as I review and annotate them in PP CS4. I can add markers with notes in key locations. What I need now is to gather all of those notes somehow, to list the contents of my marker notes in a document. I thought ClipNotes might help, since it's designed to help you create notes while you watch--but my videos are hours long and would take a ridiculous amount of time to render into PDFs. Markers do a lot of great things if you're moving between programs (AE, Encore), but I need a simple list or printout or CSV file of the marker names. I've been typing into a document in a different program as I play a video, but then I have to type the timecode manually, which really slows the whole thing down.

      Is there a way to export marker notes? Even if I need to pass the clips through another program to do it, it would be a great tool to figure out.

      Any other suggestions for creating indexes/transcripts of videos?
      (the auto transcription tool does not help me since my videos are not in a supported language, and large portions are musical performances)