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    Cropped movie with CANON 5D MARK II


      it's my first time filming and cutting and i went trough some tutorials and kind of worked my way through premier.
      One of my problems is as what kind of source and output do i set the mark II. It always crops my movies...

      Thanks a lot

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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          seb doe,

          The first thing to consider is what your final output will be. That will determine the settings on your 5D footage. Next, you want your Project settings to match your chosen camera's output. Finally, when done, you can vary the exact Export per your specific needs.

          Just Imported some 5D .MOV's into Premiere, and all was very good. Slightly longer Render times (~1:2), but nothing that I could not live with. This was on the laptop, so I would anticipate that my workstation might even get close to 1:1 for the Render times.

          Didn't have useful footage to check Audio sync with, but it *seemed* to be very close.

          What do you wish to end up with for final Export? If your images are larger, than your Project, you need to create a new Project, with the proper presets for your footage.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            I realized that my Render times were moot. I had just grabbed a "test" Project and Imported the .MOV files into it. It was an SD Project. When I created an full HD Project, using the same .MOV Assets, the Render times went up dramatically. Sorry for not taking that into consideration, before I posted my times. Still, once Rendered, everything looked quite good. Even the irridence of the hummingbirds was captured well. Did not have a Macbeth Color Checker, or similar, so I was only eye-balling the colors.

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              hi hunt, thanks for your reply.... my problem is that i'am not used to film files, basically what i want is the original file uncropped without mayor loss of quality. couldnt really figure out what all the file types mean for quality and size...

              thanks for your help