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    Clip Notes - can't print comments

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      I'm creating Clip Notes from Premiere Pro CS4 so I can create time-stamped notes on my videos. Clip Notes is working fine in general, but when I try to print the comments, that feature is blocked in the PDF file. On the top right of the commenting panel (under the embedded video) there's an option to Print Comments, but it's grayed out. And on the Options menu accessed at the top left of the Comments panel, Export to Word (and all the other export options) gives me the message that the "PDF is not tagged." There are instructions about how to change that, but they don't work on these Clip Notes pdfs.

      Is there a setting in Premiere or After Effects that will let me change the accessibility status, tag the PDF, and print the comments? Or is printing the comments simply disabled because of the multimedia features of Clip Notes? Acrobat help says that it's best to set up accessibility in the authoring program, which I guess is Premiere in this case. But I can't find any other settings or options for the Clip Notes other than the few that come up in Adobe Media Encoder (embed or stream video; gaussian blur; bitrate).

      I'm looking for any workaround to gather all of my comments (either from clip notes comments, or from markers) into a list that I can print and use as an index of my videos. There must be a way to avoid typing all the timecodes manually for each note in order to make such a list??

      I'll be grateful for any suggestions!