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      I am using a Dell XPS with PPr.1.5. I am attempting to add cineform hd which will then make it 1.5.1. When I attempt to download and upgrade my 1.5 I keep getting a message which says, " ASLFoundation.dll has failed. The return value is 34? What is missing,how can I get it, and once I have it how do I add it and to what? I'm one helleva photg/editor but all these computer issues keep reminding just how much I do not know about this new working mode. Can anyone help me out and basically hand hold me thru it?
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          neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Installing Cineform HD will not make your Premiere installation go to 1.5.1 from 1.5 - you need to go to
          and get the Premiere Pro 1.5.1 update.

          Cineform HD is an add-on that adds certain functionality to Premiere.
          Try uninstalling Cineform completely. Then download & install the Premiere update, then try installing Cineform HD (Does it run under Premiere Pro 1.5.x?)