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    Export Settings?

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      Can someone help me with something?

      I was asked to export my video with exact settings sent to me by the client. Unfortunately I can't find a way for Premiere CS4 to export these exactly. I get close but not close enough. I.E. If I choose the qiucktime settings I can't get to the iPod export like they asked. Is there a way to get these settings below?


      1. MPEG1
      Window Size: 320x240
      Video Bitrate: 1150 kbps video
      Video Codec: MPEG Layer 1
      Audio Bitrate: 128k kbps audio
      Audio Codec: MP3 (44kHz stereo)
      Multiplexed (Muxed)

      2. MPEG2 (2:2:0)
      Window Size: 720x480
      Video Bitrate: 8 Mbps video constant bitrate.
      Video Codec: MPEG Layer 2
      Audio Bitrate: 320 kbps audio
      Audio Codec: MP3 (44kHz stereo)
      Multiplexed (Muxed)

      3. Windows Media 9
      Window Size: 320x240
      Video Bitrate: 500 kbps video
      Video Codec: Windows Media 9
      Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps audio
      Audio Codec: Windows Media 9 Voice or Music (44kHz stereo)

      4. QuickTime 7
      QuickTime 7 Pro Video using the iPod export settings work best
      Window Size: 320x240
      Video Bitrate: 600 kbps video (but not more that 756 kbps)
      Video Codec: MPEG Layer 4 (H.264)
      Audio Bitrate: 128 kbps audio
      Audio Codec: AAC (44kHz stereo)
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          For number 4, you don't go into the QuickTime settings. You go into the H.264 settings.

          But it doesn't matter. With QT 7.5.5 or 7.6.0, none of the H.264 iPod-legal exports will sync with a video or touch iPod. They'll import into iTunes, but won't sync. This is not exclusive to Pr. Squeeze and other apps have the same issue.

          If you regress to QT 7.4.5, then the H.264 video from Pr will sync with the iPods. But of course, iTunes 8 won't work with 7.4.5
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            Thanks Jeff,

            Is it possible to export any of the other options from Premiere?
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              Jeff Bellune Level 5
              I had no trouble getting #3 - exactly where are you running into problems with that?

              I don't think you can do MPEG2 2:2:0; why would you want to? You can 4:2:0 (which is common and the default) and 4:2:2 (which is selected through the Profile control). You also can't have mp3 audio muxed with mpeg video. It's at least a Pr limitation but I think it's also a format limitation.

              I think the same audio restrictions apply to MPEG1 as well. Undoubtedly someone will correct me if I'm wrong. :)
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                fuaho Level 1
                When you say "sync" with iPod, is this after you've run the conversion from iTunes?
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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5
                  iTunes give you zero control over the conversion process, and IMHO the output from iTunes is unacceptable.

                  QuickTime Pro gives you some control over the encoding, and as a result produces better video than iTunes. But not nearly as good as Squeeze when using the Apple H.264 codec. Unfortunately, you can't sync the Squeeze video to an iPod, so for now QTPro is the best I (you?) can do.

                  Pr and Squeeze both have the MainConcept H.264 codec available for encoding to iPod, but I have seen serious issues with macroblock "pumping" on keyframes. The MC H.264 codec allows you turn off Auto Keyframe generation, but you cannot turn off the option to set a keyframe every x number of frames. It is the "keyframe every" option that produces the macroblock noise.

                  The upside to the MC H.264 codec is that it *will* sync with an iPod - you just won't want it to. :)
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                    fuaho Level 1
                    The reason I ask, and I really know very little about Apple stuff, is that I've sent my client three versions of her animation directly out of PPro as:

                    Quick Time, 720x480, DV/DVCPRO NTSC, Progressive, D1/DV NTSC (0.9091), 29.97fps, Optimize Stills, Quality 100

                    and she has been able to convert them in iTunes (sorry I didn't get the version number) and view them on her 32GB iTouch, Model A1213, w/ver. 2.2.1 software.

                    She says her QT software is ver. 7.5.5.

                    Thankfully, she's had no issues at all.

                    As I said, I don't know enough to know if this is relevant or not, just passing along a successful workflow if it can help anyone.

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                      Jeff Bellune Level 5
                      That's as expected. Apple's software (iTunes and QuickTime Pro) will happily convert video to iPod-friendly versions that will sync with any iPod without any trouble.

                      It's when you use other software that can encode with Apple's H.264 codec that the compatibility issues arise.

                      And although I wouldn't be happy with the iTunes output, if your client is happy, then that's what counts. Kind of like, "If you're happy, then I'm happy". :)