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    Track Matte + Blur in CS4 = FUBAR?

      Issue: on a nested sequence, I copy the video track, add Fast Blur, add Track Matte, add mask (usually based on an oval title) and start blurring.

      Every so often CS4 either crashes completely upon moving the mask, or the mask ends up in places everywhere but where I actually put it.
      Sometimes the entire track is blurred, as if there was no tracking matte mask at all, but of course it's there.

      By coincidence I found out that on the track that this happens I need to switch "Alpha" to "Luma" in the track matte type. Sometimes that works, sometimes that doesnt.

      Now, I've been happily working just like this in CS2.0 for years and never had a problem.

      What the hell is the issue here?

      Source files in question: HDV 1080i 60
      Project settings: HDV 1080i 60, but happens at other settings too
      CLEAN install of XP 32bit, full legal copy
      CLEAN install of Windows 7 64bit (beta, very stable)
      CLEAN install of CS4 Production Premium, full legal copy
      No anti-virus, iTunes, or any non-production software whatsoever. Perfectly clean registry, defragmented and empty drives. Visual effects on both OS's have been reduced to a minimum.

      Intel Core 2 Duo X6800
      8 Gig Corsair memory
      10K Raptor for XP/ CS4
      600 Gig RAID 0 for Source files
      1 TB Seagate for deliverables
      300 Gig WD for scratch/media cache
      200 Gig for Windows 7
      NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500 with latest drivers (tried seven different ones until I finally found one that worked okay with CS4)

      The issue is the same in XP and in Windows 7, although less so in Win7. I could think this MAY have something to do with the additional memory Win7 64bit can use.

      I'm on deadlines and almost lost a client because of this. Luckily I still have CS2 on an old machine and I was able to work on my footage there.
      Interestingly, I was able to import the finished CS2 Project from my old computer into CS4 on the main box and it worked for the most part.

      By the way, I had a lot more issues with CS4 but most of them were resolved once I got my Quadro FX drivers sorted out. CS4 crashed more in 2 days than CS2 ever did in 2 years. No kidding.
      I will open more threads for the remaining issues.

      Thanks for any help you guys can give here.