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    Media Encoder - WHY??

    ECS_1 Level 1
      Can someone explain the point behind Adobe Media Encoder. A simple task like exporting a still image now takes five times as long as it used to, because Media Encoder takes a minute to get up to speed and render the frame. I'm sure it would be quicker if I kept Media Encoder minimised the whole time, but when you're running Premiere, Soundbooth and AEX at teh same time, you want to conserve processor power and not run a program you seldom need.

      What was the thinking behind it?
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          1. Batch Processing.

          2. Being able to export a Pr sequence or an AE comp without having to first open those applications.

          Losing the ability to quickly export a still image was, IMHO, an unfortunate side effect. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.
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            I think AME needs a major update. there are too many issues... "make a snapshot" quick function inside PR would be nice!
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              Curt Wrigley Level 4
              The AME is something PPRO users have been asking for for years. It is an awesome addition and very useful.

              The still image export fiasco does not mean AME is not a good tool. it just means adobe for whatever reason didnt build a fast still frame export after designing AME.

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                Gary Andrew Level 1
                The AME while a good idea in concept is easily my least favorite improvement in the entire production premium suite.

                For me, AME takes way to long to start the encoding process when launching it from within Premiere depending on the project size and complexity I have had this take up to 20 min which is wasted time that was not necessary with the built in encoder.

                The big selling point of the new AME is that it is a batch processor, however, AME is unreliable at best with random PProHeadless.exe errors. You cant walk away and be confident that your encoding will be completed when you return since its hit or miss if the job will actually be completed without user intervention. Of course if the error does pop up all it takes is to click on the X in the corner of the dialog box to dismiss it and the encoding continues to completion but now all that time has been wasted so much for the benefit of batch encoding.

                AME is also way slower in encoding than the previous built in versions.

                The problem with still image export speaks for itself what were they thinking?

                I expect that Adobe will get this all sorted out but right now it doesnt seem ready for prime time.

                BTW Intel Quad 6600 Vista 64 8 gigs ram 4 hard drives
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                  shooternz Level 6
                  Gary. I never had the issue of waiting for the standalone AME that you have so maybe your issue is coming from somewhere else.

                  I did not like the hopeless workflow for exporting a frame.

                  Would also add...CS AME is hopeless with QT.

                  Must add that the standalone AME has another benefit though. Drag and dropping files onto it from Explorer is pretty cool. Unless you want a mov. that is. CS3 AME works fine for just about anything I throw at it.

                  "3 steps forward and 2 steps backward"
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    >"3 steps forward and 2 steps backward"

                    I don't know. From my reading it seems like you now get batch encoding (one step forward), but also have QT quality issues, QT bitrate issues, slower render times, Headless errors, Frame export complexities...

                    Seems more like 1 step forward for some users, and 4 or 5 steps backwards for many users. Not sure Adobe did a good thing here.
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                      Gary Andrew Level 1
                      Craig - I have no waiting if I am encoding a movie file (AVI, etc.). The waiting for AME to start encoding occurs when I am going to be "frame serving" from the saved Premiere timeline, which is what I almost always want to do to avoid a generational loss.
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                        shooternz Level 6
                        >Seems more like 1 step forward for some users, and 4 or 5 steps backwards for many users. Not sure Adobe did a good thing here.

                        Overall I think the standalone CS4 AME is great (except for QT encoding)

                        In fact I think it is CS4 Premiere that lets down AME. (Actually Premiere lets down the whole CS4 suite.) I now use CS3 Premiere with the other CS4 applications .
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                          I agree that AME has some issues, particularly with Quicktime (I've since switched to rendering out uncompressed AVI for my intermediate masters instead of QT). The issue with exporting a frame is also frustrating.

                          However, the quality of finished rendered files (downsized from HDV to SD) is absolutely amazing, a giant leap forward (as long as you have maximum render quality checked). It increases render times substantially, but I've never seen such pristine master files in from any other NLE (or earlier versions of Premiere). I make documentaries for television and industry, and I can't imagine now not having AME.
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                            shooternz Level 6
                            Jon. You downsize in AME? Have you ever tried downsizing in a Premiere Sequence? eg a SD timeline.

                            Curious only about your workflow.
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                              Level 1
                              Craig, I do downsize in PP sequence, then render out SD (16:9) in AME. I apologize for not being clearer.

                              I also have given up completely with 60i (shoot everything in 30p, looks better than 24p also).
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                                Colin Brougham Level 6
                                Hmm... I think I've found another issue with AME. This one's pretty troubling: it appears that not all effects plugins are passed via Dynamic Link from PPro to AME. In other words, some effects do not show up in your AME-rendered output!

                                So far, I've noticed this with Digieffects Delirium Fairy Dust (yeah, yeah) and CC Toner (the one that comes with PPro/AE). They simply won't show up in ANY export from AME. However, if the effects are rendered in the PPro timeline, they will show up there and can be exported to tape. Trying to enable the "Use Preview Files" option in AME results in disappearing effects as well.

                                UPDATE: A quick test shows that no Digieffects plugs are making it through to export; however, not all Cycore effects seem to suffer this malady. Can anyone else confirm?

                                EDIT: Vista Ultimate x64, dual/dual Xeon 2.33GHz, 6GB RAM, NTSC DV, exporting to whatever--FLV, AVI, H.264--makes no difference.

                                OH YEAH: the same broken effects (Digieffects) are successfully passed from After Effects through a DL'ed comp into PPro, and then into AME. Weird?
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                                  Seastage Level 1

                                  Those who are still using CS4 and having this problem here is a fix that worked for me:


                                  Instead of going to Export Uncompressed AVI I tried going to Export Avi and then chose V210 as the codec.  Worked like a charm!

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                                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                                    The V210 codec is for use with AJA hardware.  Support is built in to PP and EN, but otherwise you may have difficulty using that codec if you don't have the hardware installed.

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                                      Seastage Level 1

                                      Then what's a good cross-platform uncompressed backup codec to use?

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                                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                                        Microsoft AVI with codec set to None.

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                                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                                          (Forum goof.)