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    changing bitrate does NOT change file size!? what am I missing?

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      I've been trying to find the optimum export settings for video to CD, and I've mostly been using MPEG1. When the settings produce a file size bigger than a standard CD, I've tried adjusting the bitrate down to make the file smaller. When I slide the value lower (from 1.15 to .95, say), the estimated file size lowers in response. Great. Except that when I render it out, the resulting file is exactly the same size. No matter where I set the bitrate, and no matter what the estimated file size is, the file size is exactly the same as it was with the preset values.

      Is this how it's supposed to work?? What am I not getting here??

      These are the export settings I used:

      NTSC, 352x240, 29.97 drop frame, Progressive, Quality 5.0
      224 kbps, 44.1kHz, 16bit, Stereo, MPEG
      CBR, 0.78 Mbps [this is the one I adjusted down from 1.15]

      Estimated file size with these settings: 642 MB
      Actual file size after export: 883 MB

      I will be SO grateful for any suggestions about how to fit my video on a CD!