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    Quicktime playback performance DTS

    hgray123 Level 1
      I'm seeing a couple of odd video issues. Director MX2004, 10.1.1 update, Windows XP.

      I have two video files I'm testing with. One is an older .mov file that was compressed with Indeo back in the QuickTime 2.5 days. The other is a more recent .mp4 file with high quality audio.

      In both cases, playback is fine with DirectToStage turned on, but horrible with DTS turned off. I'm running a fairly speedy ThinkPad with plenty of memory. I imported the files into a brand new Director movie with no other scripts or objects. Has something horrible happened between Director and QuickTime? I don't remember having this kind of problem with DTS turned off in years past. The older QT file I'm testing with is pretty low quality, so it shouldn't be stressing the QuickTime Xtra or Director's renderer. Am I missing something?

      As a last resort, I reverted back to the older "QT6Asset.x32" from September 2004. Works like a charm. Playback is only slightly degraded when not running DTS. So now we're 0 for 2 on the 10.1.1 updates (search the forums for my problems with the Flash Xtra upgrade and XML performance). Annoying. I think we're moving backwards.