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    Can AIR be used for (OCX like) components?

      My company is looking to re-write a search component that is currently implemented as a Windows OCX. The component will be used primarily in applications, but it's seen as a significant plus if it can be hosted in web pages too. We're considering doing it as an OCX again but obviously that would limit it to Windows. Being limited to Windows is actually OK as far as apps are concerned (given our market) but it would be a big plus if the web incarnation was cross platform. So I was wondering if Flex/AIR might be a possible solution.

      Can AIR be used to develop a component rather than a full app? If yes:
      Is it possible to embed such a component in a Visual C++ app (rather than dotNet)?
      Can the component also be built as a (Flex?) browser widget?

      Thanks for any advice,
      David Easley