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    error [..\API\Inc\BE/Component/Keyframe.h-138] when opening saved file

      I've got a serious problem and I hope that someone can help me. I worked on a project in PE 3 when suddenly a message popped up saying that an error had occurred and PE had to shut down. Every time I try to open this project now (also the auto-save files), the error [..\API\Inc\BE/Component/Keyframe.h-138] occurs and PE shuts down immediately.

      I looked in several forum discussion where other users reported this bug. Solutions were offered e.g. changing the regional and language settings as the error only occurs with non-english systems (mine is German), using a perl one-liner etc. I tried everything but the problem is not resolved still (I must admit I'm not very familiar with perl and all that but I followed all the instructions given and failed).
      I use Windows Vista Home Premium, got an Intel Core 2 CPU with 2.4 Ghz, 2GB RAM and plenty of hard drive space.
      Can anyone please help me? I would be really grateful because I put a lot of work in this project which also has to be finished within two days... Thus I really need your help betimes.

      Thank you in advance
      Moritz Brockhaus
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Error codes are not much help with Premiere Elements, Moritz. So, unfortunately, someone can get the same error code as you have and yet his problem can be completely different!

          First, can you tell us what types of video files are you are editing? Are these DV-AVIs captured over FireWire (the preferred editing format) or are they MPEGs captured over USB or photos? Also, how long is your project?

          Also, have you done anything to modify the workspace? Have you undocked any panels? (For instance, have you unlinked the timeline from the rest of the program?)

          And, finally, have you ensured that all of your firmware and Quicktim are up to date? These elements can become outdated every couple of weeks and, believe it or not, outdated Quicktime alone can render your program unusable!

          Finally, can you describe what you were doing when you got this error? It makes a big difference whether you got this error when trying to open a file and if it just crashed and gave you the error while you were adding an effect, etc.
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            First of all, thanks for your quick reply!

            I was editing both DV-AVIs captured over Firewire and MPEGs over USB. I added some photos as well. It is so mixed up because this video is from a holiday trip with a large group where everyone had some sort of camera and now I had the job to put it all together. I had 4 major DV-AVI files that ranged in size from 5 to 10GB and several small MPEG clips. By the time the error occurred I had cut it down to about 45 minutes.

            I did not modify the workspace in any way (at least not that I know of) just scaled down some of the panels a bit.

            Following your instructions I updated the firmware and Quicktime but the problem is existent.

            Shortly before the error occurred I added a transition effect as far as I can remember. But I had finished doing this and I think the error popped up when I just cropped a clip. I cannot remember exactly, I just know that I was really surprised by this since it was nothing major I was doing.

            Thanks for your help so far, I hope you have got some more ideas to what I can do. Do you need any more information?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              First, if you haven't done so already, resize any photos you're using in your video down to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size. The single reason this program crashes is because people load it with photos directly from a digital camera, which can be 20-25 times the size of a video frame.

              Using smaller photos will not only save your resources but will speed up the rest of your processes later, when you output your DVD or video.

              If that doesn't help, it's possible the program is still overtaxed by working with non-DV-AVI files and what seems to be about two hours worth of source files (even if you've trimmed that down to 45 minutes). I usually work on my videos in 10 or 15 minute sequences, which I output as AVI movies and combine in a final mix. When I do this, I never have a problem with the computer lugging or throwing up error codes. Here's how:

              But, for now, reboot and defragment your drive and see if you can at least get your project open. If you're still getting error codes, something may have corrupted. But, more likely, you've just got too much going on at the same time.
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                Thanks for your advise. The photo size was 3mpixels, thus higher than you suggested but there were just 5 photos in the project.

                Good advise to create shorter sequences and combine them later. I will remember that next time. But I think the file is corrupted because I have projects with similar size and everything worked perfectly well. (and I can still open them).

                The only thing I wonder about is that the auto-saved files are corrupted as well...

                Anyway... seems like I wasted a whole day of editing... great fun.

                Thanks again for your help
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                  Can anybody hel me??? I got a [..\API\Inc\BE/Component/Keyframe.h-138] error. Everytime I try to change something in my project (enlarge pictures, render, for instance) and I save it I get this error while trying to open it again. I can't continue my work. I tried already changing the regional language but nothing happened. Plus, I'm not quite an expert on the program so I don't really know how can I try to solve it.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    We can probably help you, florencia. But I'd recommend you start your own thread rather than tagging onto Moritz's.

                    It makes it easier to help people when you're not trying to carry on two different conversations in the same thread.


                    By the way, have you tried the suggestions we recommended above? Resizing the photos in Photoshop Elements to no larger than 1000x750 pixels resolves a wealth of issues like this!
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                      I used the PERL cure

                      b perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" damaged.prproj >working.prproj

                      for the "..\API\Inc\Be/component/Keyframe.h-138" error.

                      Here is a version of the "PERL-fixer" made in DELPHI, so there is no need to install the PERL pack:


                      I hope it can help you the way it is helping us!

                      Good luck!

                      Márcio Ramos & Paul Lee
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                        thank you marcio and paul!!! All the titles are now black but it's always better than starting from skratch!!!

                        Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!
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                          Hi everyone

                          my problem occurred AGAIN with a totally different project and a lot less video raw material. I tried to use the prj-fixer from Marcio and Paul, but i can't open my corrupted project files with it. Does it only work for Elements 2.0?

                          I hope you can help me.


                          Moritz Brockhaus