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    no sound when burn movie to dvd (premiere elements 3, sony vaio, vista)

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      When I burn a movie to DVD using premiere elements I end up with no sound.
      Analyzing the VOB with avicodec reports it has no audio track - and I get the same problem if burn to a folder or direct to a disc.

      Exporting to mpeg or other formats works without problem.
      Also - when I try the burn, I find a large .wav file in the temporary files folder, which seems to match the sound the DVD should have.
      But for some reason PE isn't combining it into the VOB?

      My current workaround is exporting as mpeg, and importing this to moviemaker and burning from there - but it's a pain to do this.

      I saw some posts about this topic from last year - and mentioning VAIO as a common factor - but none of the sugggestions there have worked, and I can't find any solution/new info. Apologies if I've missed something in the forums.

      Any info/suggestions would be much appreciated!