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    30p HDV video from Canon HV30

      If you shoot in 30p mode with a Canon HV30 camcorder, do you have to do anything special to get the output of a 1080i HDV project to be 30p? that is, if you just use PE4 to import your HDV clips, and edit them within PE4, then output say an MPEG-2 1080i Project will it be 30p, or do you have to make a custom setting for how to interpret each clip, and another custom setting for the output format?

      I guess what I'm asking is, if you have an HV30 and want to shoot in 30p, and want the best possible 30p output in PE4 in the form of an MPEG-2 or WMV file, what do you do?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Premiere Elements can not edit in other than the standard frame rates, Roger -- 29.97 fps NTSC and 25 fps PAL.

          To edit in 24p or 30p, you'll need to look at a more advanced program, such as Premiere CS3.
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            ruzun Level 1
            So even if you change the export template to output 1080/30p, which is 29.97 hz, it would still not be editing the footage internally quite correctly, so you would not be getting the same quality output you would if you could tell the program that it's 1080/30p HDV footage? You can edit the export template so that it exports 1080/30p footage rather than 60i, basically the same way it can export 720p, but I assume it still wouldnt be handling the internal processing correctly for 1080/30p source footage, correct?
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              Level 1
              You should use the 60i interlace mode on the HV30 to use it with Premiere Elements. In case you want to upload to web you should use 30p, Premiere Elements does not have a project setting to support 30p.
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                A.T. Romano Level 7
                My question is based on theory since I do not have this camcorder or shoot HDV. But, I would appreciate a little add on clarification to the answers given so far to the topic.

                Given that Premiere Elements supports 1080i, not 1080p.
                You shoot 1080p with this Canon camcorder.
                You go trying to capture your 1080p into Premiere Elements 4 using its 1080i project preset.

                1. Can you then capture this 1080p to the Premiere Elements 4 Timeline?
                2. Forget about export for now, if you can get the 1080p onto the Timeline, and you attempt to run this video in the Monitor, can you??? Would you experience video problems, audio problems, or a combination of?
                3. Now onto the Export of 1080p with Premiere Elements....there is no preset for that, granted.
                a. has anyone found a workaround for that??
                b. does anyone know if Premiere Elements 7 will support an 1080p export route??