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    PE4  crashes when scrolling

      Sometimes when scrolling horizontally along my timeline, Premiere Elements just closes down. I have to scroll very slowly to prevent it. I'm trying to move some later clips I shot more towards the beginning of the project.
      My system is HP, Windows Vista w/SP1, 2 Gigs RAM, dual-core processor, 320 GB HD, and 750 GB external drive with NTFS. Any ideas? Thanks
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Assuming you've updated all your firmware, RealTek drivers and Quicktime.

          And that you've optimized Vista by turning off Aero, the sidebar and other unnecessary memory leeches...

          And that you're working with video captured over FireWire from a miniDV camcorder...

          And you're still having problems, it might be worth a call to the helpful people at Tech Support.
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            One good idea would be to clean your preferences. Do this if noen eof the above works for you. Delete the files at the following location:<br /><root>\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\4.0<br />Now while restarting PRE keep <CTRL>+<Alt>+<shift> pressed.
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              After downloading the latest Realtek driver, my problem has gotten worse. I can playback my video and audio clips in the timeline ok, but if I try to playback a clip from the project bin, I get the following error message:
              "Adobe Default Windows Sound Driver. Device:Realtek High Definition Audio. Errorcode:FFA-8-000D [88890008].Info Playback failed. The audio system does not seem to respond. Maybe card does not support full duplex mode."

              I have also downloaded the latest driver from Intel for my graphics card and turned off Vista's sidebar and Aero.
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                I have the same problem when i scrolling in the project window.
                The only way to bypass the problem is to deselect one of the core's in the task manager on my core 2 duo processor.
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                  <Froehlich_Rene@adobeforums.com> wrote in message<br />news:59b4f9d5.3@webcrossing.la2eafNXanI<br />> I have the same problem when i scrolling in the project<br />> window.<br />> The only way to bypass the problem is to deselect one of<br />> the core's in the task manager on my core 2 duo<br />> processor.<br /><br />That is nature's way of telling you that your Realtek audio driver is not <br />multiprocessor (MP) compatible. Try for a more recent edition, or if you are <br />using the most recent edition, an earlier one. It is fairly easy to make a <br />coding error and end up with a device driver that is not MP compatible.<br /><br />Be sure that you are getting the driver directly from the Realtek web site, <br />as there are lots of sites that try to masequerade as them.
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                    Thanks everyone. I have downloaded the correct Realtek audio driver now. It's the one that says "High Definition audio" driver. At least now I can play clips from the project now, instead of just from the timeline. I have also contacted Adobe about the scrolling problem, awaiting their response.
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                      Dear JJ,

                      Can you tell me which version of the driver you used? Is it the Vista driver R2.05? It says it is an audio codec. That seems not the same as a driver. I have the same problems with my VAIO VGN-NR31Z/S laptop and a brandnew Adobe premiere elements 4.0. When I try to play a clip the error FFA-8-000D displays and after clicking OK sometimes it is OK but other times the software freezes and I loose all my changes.
                      Updating via the VAIO update gives no updates for the audio card. Updating the driver via the hardware control shows no new driver. Current version is
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                        It's been awhile, but I believe the driver I downloaded from Realtek is "HD Audio Codec Driver".