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    Styles not showing - Premier Elements 3

      No preset styles are present when I launch the 'add title' button; they have always been present prior to this.

      I tried repairing Premier Elements and then a full reinstall - still no preset styles showing.

      Can anyone tell me where I can find the styles on the software CD Rom and into which folder I should place the files when I find them?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Does this FAQ, from the library at the top of this forum, help?
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            Many thanks for these suggestions - unfortunately they didn't work for me. I have PE 3 and my styles folder is within another one called Presets. However I renamed the workingset.prsl file and relaunched PE 3 but it didn't recreate it.

            What puzzles me is that a full reinstall didn't recreate it either; I then copied workingset.prsl from a backup copy which I had into the Presets/Styles folder and that didn't work either!

            It's not a great problem in theory as one should be able to create a custom style; however in practice I have found the custom style doesn't work - for example though I save it with the Arial font, the retrieved style is always the 18th century font!

            I think the problem may be that I installed Photoshop Elements 2 recently; I may have to uninstall that program and then try another reinstall of PE.

            Thanks for your response though.

            Best wishes

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              Hey nick,
              you should clear your preferences. You have to delete one file i particular . this is alled "workingset.prsl". Dont rename . just delete it.
              Clear all the fiels from following location:
              My documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements

              Let me knwo if this works.
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                I'm highjacking this string to answer Kami-Kaze's response to you. I have had the same problem w/PE3 with a posted message in this forum under "Need help w/PE3 start up error which shuts down program". A response from Paul LS did not help so I searched more and found the recommendation of deleting the "workingset.prsl". I tried that and it worked! Thank goodness, I'm back in business.
                I'm going to update my other string to verify this solution.

                Thanks Kami-Kaze.
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                  I have the same problem. I was glad to find this thread which looked like it could be very helpful to me. I have been unable, however, to reach the link you had suggested (http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3bbde933). Perhaps Adobe has closed that page? Does anyone know if the FAQ that originally appeared at that link can be found anywhere else?