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    PE3 problems with video quality when exporting

      I've had this issue when putting DVD movies I own onto my iPod, but because I'm doing a client video now, it's crucial that I get the highest possible video and sound quality out of my project. Because the project I'm working on will be about 45 minutes long, I wanted to avoid working on the whole thing in one file since Premiere begins to refuse to let me do the simplest functions if I have too many clips in the timeline. I've been splitting the project up into segments and my plan is to export them and work with them as single clips when compiling the final project together.

      Now here's my problem: I export the segments as HDV 1080 60i files for the highest quality possible, but whenever the exported file is played, these horizontal lines appear on the screen. It's as if the colors are smeared a bit. I honestly don't know how else to describe it. On an iPod, it's only slightly noticeable, but on TV screens like this project will be played on, it'll be too distracting to be acceptable. Can anyone help me out here?