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    Capture problem

      Using: Adobe Premiere Elements 4
      Sony DCR-HC42 camera
      connected by firewire
      standard VHS tape deck or DVD player

      I can use my Sony camera to take whatever videos I need and capture them using F5. Editing and everything else works fine.

      If I try to play a DVD or tape through the Sony camera to make the capture, I can view it in F5 but it does not capture anything. I use this same setup in Premiere Pro and it works fine.

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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          PeterFDuke Level 1
          What is F5?

          Can you capture your VHS tape via your camera with Windows Movie Maker or WinDV?
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Does this camera offer pass through capabilities? Many do, though some do not. Also, in Europe, many models that offer it elsewhere, have it disabled, as the VAT is much higher with it.

            If you can do, as Peter suggests, it will confirm that you have the capability to do pass through. Then, it will only a matter of finding out how you have to set your camera to do the Capture in PE.

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              1. F5 - This is another capture feature. Press F5 and your capture screen pops up. It's just a short cut, another way to get to the capture screen. I have also used the other methods offered on PE4 for capture of tape or DVD from a machine but they do not work either.

              2. Never used Windows Movie Maker or WinDV,but it does work with Premiere Pro.

              3. Pass through? I have no idea what this is. If you mean using the camera as a means to load the video into the system. Yes I can do that by using Adobe Premiere Pro. The video runs through the camera via fire wire and I have never have any problems doing a capture.

              When the capture screen comes up, I can see the video running in the screen, it just doesn't capture it.
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                PeterFDuke Level 1
                I asked you to try Windows Movie Maker and WinDV. If it works for them (as well as Prem Pro) then it indicates a problem with PE. If it doesn't work for them then it indicates an interface problem.

                Does PE capture if you to start from the initial window rather than open a project first? (In other words, don't use F5).
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                  I don't have Windows Movie Maker or WinDV.

                  I have also tried the Get Media for PE4 and it does the samething. If I put a disk in my machine it will import it into the system, (without going through the Sony camera), and I can do whatever I want with it.

                  If however when using an external source for loading through the video camera, i.e. tape player or DVD player, I've tried to use the Get Media area, (not F5). The capture screen opens, I can see the DVD or tape playing, it just does not capture it.
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                    PeterFDuke Level 1
                    Windows Movie Maker is included with Windows XP, and WinDV is a free download.

                    After you select Get Media and click on DV Camcorder etc., the Capture screen should appear. With your camera turned on and connected via firewire, what icon and text appears in the top left corner, below the word "Capture"? It should show a miniDV cassette and the word "Stopped". If no camera is plugged in it should show a camera with a ! and the words "Capture Device Offline".

                    How come you can see the tape playing? Did you click on the play button in the capture screen rather than the "Get Video" button, which shows a red dot when it is ready to record? The play button is only for cueing the tape before recording.
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                      Peter I made this quick post to let you know I checked my computer again and it does not have Windows Movie Maker and it is an XP machine.

                      I'm tied up till late tonight, but will post something in the morning after I try what you have listed.

                      I appreciate your help.

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                        PeterFDuke Level 1

                        Movie Maker Version 2.1 comes with Win XP SP2, and can be downloaded if you want it

                        The executable is called moviemk.exe and is normally in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker
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                          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                          But you should have SP2 installed. Isn't that a requirement for running PRemiere Elements 4?
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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                            It sure is, Robert. Good point.
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                              I downloaded Windows Movie Maker and it works there. I don't know why this machine did not have it but it didn't but now it does and it works. Premiere Pro still works as well.

                              PE4 steps
                              1. Get Media
                              2. DV Camcorder,HDV Camcorder, Webcam
                              3. With the Capture screen up, the little icon of the tape below Capture in the upper left had side reads, "Tape Ejected". My movie can be seen in the capture window. By using the functions on my external player I can play, fast forward, etc and watch this on the capture monitor window. I have used different DVD players and tape players for the test and their all the same. These same functions below the Get Video do not work. When I click the Get Video button, it briefly highlights, the icon changes from Tape Ejected to Stopped. If however, I have a tape in the Sony camera, these lower function do work as well as the remote for the camera. I took the camera, made a brief tape and loaded this into PE4 without a problem. I can make edits, add effects, etc.

                              I checked my setting and everything there appears to be ok. Under Device Type, I have Standard checked since the model # DCR-HC42 does not show up. I don't think that's the problem because I know the camera works when using a tape.
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                                PeterFDuke Level 1
                                Do you have SP2 or SP3 for Win XP as pointed out above?

                                You may have to start the VHS tape manually BEFORE you press Get Video.
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                                  Level 1

                                  Starting the tape/cd manually before trying to get the video does not work either.

                                  The only way to get a movie in is by Files & Folders or a tape that can be played back through the camera.
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                                    PeterFDuke Level 1
                                    Its not the end of the world if PE does not capture provided that other utilities do. I always use WinDV for two reasons. The clips are named according to date and time and hence:

                                    1) You can see the filename and hence shooting date and time of a clip from within PE.

                                    2) The clips, when sorted alphabetically by file name in the media panel are guaranteed to sort chronologically. (Not true if you capture more than 100 clips with PE.)

                                    Give WinDV a go. It is free.

                                    Note that the advantages cited above don't apply to captured analog source because there is no date and time info to break the source up into scenes. You will have to do that by scene analysis within PE afterwards.
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                                      Level 1
                                      True. But this should work. I do simple editing several times a week for district courts. After the case is over, I delete the video to make room for others. I don't save anything for more than two weeks.

                                      There are times when the prosecutor wants an effect added in, titles, ending, fading, etc. I just thought it would be easier to do with PE4 instead of PPro. I have made some effects in PE4 and sent them over to PPro and this helps but I would rather work in just one program.

                                      I could load it into PPro and then take that AVI file and put in PE4, but that is an added step I really don't want to do.

                                      Thanks for your help.