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    PE4 - Runs out of memory in Vista 64

      I have 4 GB of RAM, so thought this was weird. I downloaded CyberLink PowerDirector and have no problems at all. PE4 constantly crashes and can't edit HD footage over more than 4-5 minutes. Has anyone else has this problem? I don't want to switch to PowerDirector, but I may have no choice.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Premiere Elements won't run on 64-bit Vista, Rich. At least not without strange problems like this.

          You may be able to get it work if you run the program in 32-bit compatibility mode.

          Also, the program won't work with AVCHD video. What type of HD video are you editing?

          And have you optimized Vista so that it doesn't leak away all your system resources?
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            Level 1
            Thank you for the help. the files I am importing are AVI from a Canon TX-1. PowerDirector is REALLY fast on Vista 64. I hate the UI compared to PE (probably because I am used to it), but PD works flawlessly.

            Oh well. Maybe the next version of PE will work for me. I'm just going to uninstall PE because it is totally unusable on my system.