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    Help with Premire Elements 4

      I am using Premiere Elements 4 on Windows Vista with 4Gigs of RAM.

      I began making a video about a month ago. I completed about 3 minutes of the video without any problems and I published the beginning. I continued working on the rest of the video and when I opened the program recently, it displays the "Media Offline" picture over only some of my video clips. None of the clips that say media offline have been moved or changed, they are in the same folder they were when I started. However, if I change something within the work space, the video becomes viewable. But whenever i go to publish the movie now, it gets about half finished, stops, and displays the "Out of Memory" dialogue box, and closes out, and my movie isn't published.

      Can somebody please help me figure out how to fix this problem.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I assume that, along with those 4 gigs of RAM, you also have a fairly fast processor (a dual-core 2.0 ghz at least) and a couple hundred gigabytes of free, defragmented hard drive space, right, Jodi?

          And that you're working on your C drive and not a second or external drive.

          That said, the first thing you should do is optimize Vista. It's a resource hog if you leave it in Aero interface and run the sidebar, etc.

          Also, make sure Vista is updated to SP1 and that you've got the latest Quicktime and RealTek drivers.

          And if all that doesn't work, it could be related to your source files. A major cause of problems, for instance, is people using a lot of photos that are larger than 1000x750 pixels in size.