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    Premier Elements: Edit (sound) in Audition 3.0 OR Soundbooth ?

    Decal 25 Level 1
      I'm new at using Premiere Elements 4.0. Soon I will buy a HD camcorder that will most likely use the AVCHD format. Maybe I'll get the new JVC model (GZ-HD40) that can record in either AVCHD or HDV.

      I know PE 4.0 does not allow editing AVCHD, but perhaps the next version will. New versions usually come out in the fall.

      In either case I wonder about the sound. Can the sound files within a camcorder file be edited in Audition 3.0? Or maybe Soundbooth 1.0 or the maybe soon-to-be-released Soundbooth CS4?

      Audition has far more capabilities, but is getting "older."

      Any advice? Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Yes, Audio files can be edited in other applications, including Soundbooth and Audition. You cannot dynamically link to the Audio (not to be confused with Adobe's Dynamic Link between P-Pro and AfterEffects), like you can in the CS3 Production Studio, but it's quite easy.

          Unlink your Audio & Video. Alt-click on your Audio Clip does this. Chose Clip>Aduio Options>Render Replace. Then rt-click on the Audio file (will have now changed color) and choose Edit Original. For me, it fires up Audition and away I go. When I hit Save (in Audition) it replaces my Audio with the edited file (which has also appeared in my Project Panel on Render Replace).

          If you wish to do multitrack Audio editing, I'd go with Audition, over Soundbooth, though that might change in CS4. Audition has far more power than SB, but you might not need its extras. Audition is still Adobe's flagship Audio editing program and is still being developed (PC based only for now), as noted by AA 3's release.

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            I am using Premiere Elements 7.
            When I go to Edit Original, it is not highlighted. I can't click on it. Is there any way that I can change what program opens a .WAV file? I set Soundbooth as my default program in windows but it still doesn't work in Premiere Elements.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If you have set .WAV files to always Open in SB, from within Windows, I'm not sure.

              When you go to your Audio Clip, are you Alt-clicking on the Audio (only) to separate it from any muxed Video? If so, you *should* be able to then Rt-click that Audio Clip and see the full extent of the drop-down menu, without Edit Original being greyed out.

              Not sure what else might be causing your problem.

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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                I think you will need to use this menu item on the clips from your camcorder once they are on the timeline: Clip > Audio Options > Render and Replace.

                After that, a WAV file will replace whatever audio is muxed with the video. You should then be able to use Edit Original.