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    No DVD templates in Premiere Elements 2

      I have been using PE2 with good results for a couple of years now on my old PC but recently upgraded my hardware and transferred PE2 onto my new machine (still running XP Pro as did my old PC). In my latest project, the first on this machine, I came to the stage of adding DVD menus today and found that the themes drop-down box was empty.

      Had a problem installing a new codec a few days ago and used system restore. Somehow, I ended up with 2 copies of PE2 there at the same time and I wonder if this may have done something nasty to PE2.

      Anyway, I have uninstalled and re-installed PE2 but still no joy. I can see the DVD templates in the PE2 folders but PE2 can't seem to see them.

      Can anyone help please?
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          Well I think I've now solved this one, though I've no idea how it came about.

          I fired up my old PC, which, fortunately, I haven't cleared off the old stuff yet and looked at the PE2 file structure. Whereas, on the old PC the template theme folders were in a folder called en_US inside the DVD templates folder, on the new PC, the theme folders were directly in the DVD templates folder.

          I created the en_US folder, moved the theme folders over and, hey presto, they appeared in PE2.

          Very odd! How is this possible?

          Anyway, it looks like the problem is now solved but thanks anyway.