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    Controlling where menu thumbnails go

      Sorry for the imprecise subject line.... couldn't figure out how to say it better ;) Not sure I am clearly describing the issue either, but here goes....

      I have a project that consists of a main "movie" with scene markers, followed by a stop marker, followed by a small space, followed by some "bonus cuts". The bonus cut section has its own start and scene markers.

      I would like to control where the scene thumbnails go. Currently, there is one fewer thumbnail for the main movie than there is space on the last main movie menu. When I added the scene markers for the bonus cuts (ie., after the main movie stop marker), PE put the first bonus cut thumbnail in the last space on the last main movie menu and then added more menus.

      Since each menu is titled, I would prefer to leave the last space un-occupied on the last main movie menu and begin the bonus cut thumbnails on their own menu.

      Is this possible in PE? It doesn't seem so. My workaround was to add one more scene marker to the main movie (the closing credits). That forced the first bonus cut thumbnail onto the next menu. A bit hokey to have a marker for the credits, but what the hey...

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I'm not sure how you can accomplish this, Paul, without either:

          a) choosing a template with the number of scene markers you want only

          b) editing the template with Photoshop Elements and physically removing that scene layer set

          c) using a program like DVD Architect Studio that allows for more than one level of scene menus