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    Video is flickering / deinterlacing problems

      I am still using PE 2.0 and have the last 2 years not had any problems, thanks the help of the members of this forum.
      Now I have problems with my last holiday video.
      When the camera is moving, or objects in the video are moving, the contour is not sharp, on straight lines I can see that the lines of the frames are 1 to the left, 1 to the right, and so on. Also when I press the still button, the contours are not sharp but grey in the outline.
      When I work and look in the working monitor everything looks good.
      When I look in the DVD preview monitor of PE or watch the burned DVD through a DVD player in my television it looks awful.
      I have always used following procedure:
      - save the VOB files from the Mini-DVD of my Sony camcorder on my extern harddisk
      - import the files in Nero and export this as DV-AVI file type 2
      - import this in PE, change the pixel to 1,422
      - import in timeline, reverse field dominance and I could work without problems.
      The holiday video consists of 5 DVD = 120 minutes, but has been cut down to 75 minutes.
      There is only 1 downsized picture included and moderate number of transitions.
      I have also tried exporting as DV-AVI type 1 and also AVI Export from Nero, same problem. Also I tried these files in PE with and without changing field dominance, but no change for the better.
      Some times ago I have upgraded my Nero to version with Nero Vision version (Before I had an earlier version 3.?.?. but this I do not have any longer). Also I have installed the normal Windows updates (service pack 3) in the meantime. I use Norton, but this is turned off when I work with PE. The system is regularly defragmented.
      I hope somebody has some ideas how to manage my problem.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          I am surprised that you had to reverse field dominance if you converted the vob to DV-AVI in NERO. Try a trial burn without the reverse field dominance.
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            Hallo Paul LS
            You have also been my good advisor 2 years ago - thanks again.
            Perhaps I have not been clear: When I make DV-AVI type 2 I shall not reverse, and the line above the timelineline is grey. The line gets red when I reverse and I render. But same bad result.
            Therefore I tried DV-AVI type 1 and the line was red, I rendered - bad result. I reversed, the line was red, I rendered - same bad result.
            I tried AVI, without and with reversing, same bad result. (But I cannot use this, because my 5 DVD will take more than 200 GB).
            The original DVD in my DVD player and television are ok.
            When I play the Nero exported files in Windows Media player I already can see the problem.
            When I checked the Nero exported files with GSpot it says BFF, therefore I should not reverse, but I tried.
            Do you have more advices?
            Regards Werner
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              If you play interlaced files (such as DV-AVI) in a media player on a computer monitor then you will see the interlacing "jaggies" unless you tell the media player to deinterlace. However if you play an interlaced DVD on a TV then there should be no problem. Not sure why you are seeing this.
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                Hallo Paul LS
                Thanks for your reply.

                The last hours I have made a trial project, exporting from Nero with different settings, burned on a DVD+RW and watched on TV.
                The best result was export as MPEG2, smart encoding enabled, Top Field First!!!, imported in PE and changed the field dominance. This was even much better than same settings but Bottom Field First and no change in PE.
                The export as DV-AVI type 2 showed on TV flickering/shaking/vibrating pictures. I did not reverse field dominance. The result was a little better than DV-AVI type 1.
                For all exports the still pictures on TV were ok with sharp borders.

                When I looked on the PE DVD preview monitor all exports had as still pictures no clear borders (greyed) and when the camcorder or the objects moved I can see different ending of borders in every other line.
                When I look at the working monitor in PE everything in my 8 trial-exports looks fine, both still pictures and also during movements of camcorder or objects.

                I am no expert and started this topic, calling the problem for interlacing. Can there be other reasons?
                Do you have further advice for me?

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  If you had no trouble with PE2 up til now reinstall PE2.
                  Or maybe after 2 years a clean install is in order.