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    PE4 crashes when encoding

      My project has .avi file(DV format), pictures(with motion and zoom effects),titles, and dvd menus. Vista comes up with error about 26% of the through encoding even if it is not to a dvd, I can't even export the file. I tried reinstalling quicktime and PE 4 itself, but to no avail. The same project has worked in the past, but stopped working after I added titles and special effects to pictures. And when I try to burn the file that worked in the past it also crashes. I could not try it on an other machine because the files are scatter around 4 disks.My system is as follows:

      Operating System: Windows Vista
      Browser: Mozilla
      Motherboard: I took the motherboard from old HP system, so all I know about it is it is an Asus something
      Video capture card / driver: Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
      Capture from Deck, Webcam or Camcorder?: Camcorder
      Has it ever worked? If so, what's changed? (provide comments in description field): Yes
      Same results with different file?: Yes
      Same results with different computer?: Not Applicable
      Recent System Hardware or Software change?: No