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    PE4: Making Flash Export to Larger

    Pete Kingwell Level 1
      Hello again everyone.

      I see when trying to:
      Share>Personal Computer>Adobe Flash Video
      there are 4 presets. Now I don't have any idea what the difference in those are (NTSC Flash Video 7 256k / 400k and Video 8 400k / 700k) but what I seem to find is that if I choose Video 8 700k and choose Advanced, the pixel size is 640x480. This appears to be the largest I can export.

      However, I have just seen a website http://www.themobiletracker.com/english/index2.html
      that has a flash video of around 760x480 in size.

      I am just wondering what the procedure is for making larger flash videos, and please (if you could) could you please tell me in which situations the four different presets would be used.

      THANK YOU!

      Pete Kingwell