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    PE4 YouTube Size of Movie Q?

      How can I get my movies from PE4 to fill the whole screen when I upload them to YouTube? Is this a setting in my HD20 vid camera or something that can be tweaked when capturing the vid in PE4?

      Here's an example of how my vids show up on YouTube, I'd like them to fill the entire screen:



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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Are your video's captured in Widescreen? And does your Project format match your capture format.. ie widescreen or standard.
          At the start up splash screen you can go into set up and slelect the project format.
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            I checked the settings on my HD20, capture is set on HDV, nothing about widescreen. Here are my settings for PE4:

            Editing mode: DV NTSC
            Timebase: 29.97 fps

            Video Settings
            Frame size: 720h 480v (0.900)
            Frame rate: 29.97 frames/second
            Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9)
            Fields: Lower Field First

            Figure 720 x 480 would fill up the screen. Is there a way to change the presets? Can't seem to create a new preset.
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              Is that the HV20??? If you have captured in HDV and want your final export to be in standard definition it would be best to downconvert in the camcorder to widescreen DV-AVI and capture this. It gives better quality when working with a standard definition project. Check your manual on how to set up the camcorder to downconvert.

              Either way you need to set up the DV NTSC Widescreen project in PE4, currently you have it set to standard. When PE4 starts up, before selecting New Project go into the project settings Set Up and select the DV NTSC WIdescreen preset.