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    "Something Interesting that Draws your Attention", Saving issues.

      Hi, Am editing an hour long video for a friend with premiere 3. I am normally able to export my projects as AVI files with no problem. The thing is is that usually they are only 15 min at max but this is an hour long vid. I tried saving it to an external drive as I normally do that had 79 gigs of free space. It would stop 10 min into export and say "export error, no free space on drive." or whatever. I decided to just save it to the main internal hard drive in my comp. the only problem was I only had about half as many free gigs on it than needed to save the hour long vid. so I chopped the project in half and saved the first half as an AVI to the internal HD. when it finished my plan was to copy it over to the external drive, delete the file on the internal, so I had room, and repeat with the second half of the video.
      After the first half completed exporting, I tried to play it and it said it was a damaged AVI file and offered to play anyways (which doesn't work) cancel, or try to repair it. It mentions trying to repare it could take along time.

      My main concern is not this vid as much as another I will be finishing soon which will be almost 2 hours.

      I wanted to know if anyone could give me some ideas or advise as to why I am having these issues and what other options for saving I might have. preferably AVI.