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    Compatible Camcorders?

      Hey, sorry if this has been posted before but I've already tried two camcorders out on Adobe, and I just cant seem to get the quality I want from the camcorders themselves.

      I had major problems with my Samsung VP-DC163 and I couldnt even get the files from the disc onto the editing software, all that came up was a camcorder menu. There are that many camcorders out there now, I'm just afraid of buying another and finding out it doesnt work. I had to end up using the SD card which has poor quality and then just gave up.
      But now I've done my research and found out about Firwire etc.

      If you have any suggestions that might fix this then suggest away! If not, I'm ready to purchase a new camcorder that I will hopefully not have any problems with.

      I'm looking for a camcorder that someone uses with Adobe Premiere Elements regularly with no problems, I want to be able to edit the footage obviously, good quality, and a firewire socket.
      My budget is around £200 - 250.

      If you also have any links to the video's you've created with your camcorder it would be much appreciated :)

      - Edd